• is the mother of them all: an excellent site, regardless of your instrument. Great feature is being able to hear the associated recording too, great stuff. Doesn’t look like it’s been updated in a while mind, so fingers crossed it’ll keep going….
  • Jeff Helgeson’s site has got transriptions of Woody Shaw, Chet Baker, Freddie Hubbard, amongst others. A nice touch is that full recording details are included so you can track down and listen to the accompanying recording.
  • All Miles’s solos from Kind of Blue – plus those of Adderly, Trane, Evans and Kelly – are available from this Scridb page.  Not sure how legal this is though as I own the original book from which these pages have been scanned from!
  • Charles Schneider maintains this site for EJMA it’s a veritable Gold-Mine of Transcriptions from a massive number of artists.
  • Craig Tweddell has some fine trumpet transcriptions on his site including folk like John Swana and Joe Magnarelli. Nice work Craig!

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