Bill Charlap – Skylark (solo)

Bill Charlap is one of my favourite contemporary pianists – while he is thoroughly within the ‘tradition’ his bravery to use space, ┬áthe full range of the instrument and quicksilver imagination lifts all his playing above the ‘straight-ahead’ . Most of his recordings would fall under this category but don’t overlook him because of that.

This one’s taken from his ‘Stardust’ album – not one of my absolute top recordings but this solo performance of Skylark displays perfectly Charlap’s advanced harmonic approach over a well-worn standard. ┬áDefinitely worth a little bit of study time, enjoy.


  • andjazz commented on December 20, 2010 Reply

    I came across your blog by accident while searching for Bill Charlap transcriptions.

    You’re done a great job setting up this blog and managing it.

    If I come across any transcriptions you don’t have here I’ll send a link to you.

    Do you have anymore Bill Charlap transcriptions?

    • admin commented on December 20, 2010 Reply

      Nice to have another visitor – welcome! Hope you find the stuff here useful. I don’t have any more Charlap transcriptions to hand (mores the pity) but I have his solo arrangement of ‘Pure Imagination’ in my head if not on paper. I can recommend the album from which its from – ‘All Through the Night’ – as it’s absolutely fantastic.

  • Mickey commented on December 23, 2011 Reply

    i love music the manner in which you have framed this concern i hope you can the write again in the future

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